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Download Legal Handbook For Covid In Vietnam

Why this handbook?

Recently, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a heavy impact on the economy of the world in general and of Vietnam in particular. These impacts are reflected in the difficulties and heavy losses of businesses, forcing business owners to reduce production, reduce jobs, force workers to stop working, to be laid off and to be fired, etc. in order to be able to solve temporary difficulties. However, whether these solutions are being applied properly according to the provisions of labor law, such as legal procedures, application conditions and impacts to avoid unnecessary disputes for employers is one of their major concerns.

In addition, the legal handbook on COVID-19 also provides legal issues and answers questions on force majeure events, especially the question of whether the Covid-19 pandemic is a force majeure events so that the breaching party in the contract is exempt from liability, as well as contract termination events during the Covid-19 period.

Thus, the legal handbook on COVID-19 is compiled based on the questions, issues, and unresolved disputes of domestic and foreign enterprises as well as FDI enterprises in Vietnam. Therefore, this publication will be a guideline for business owners and employees to deeply understand the legal regulations and also a guide to come up with the best plan for themselves to solve the problems during this pandemic.

ASL LAW has presented the above-mentioned problems and frequently asked questions on each specific topic so that readers and business owners or even employees can systemize, find solutions and understand more deeply the issues.

ASL LAW therefore hopes that this legal handbook will be useful to the readers.


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