When filing patent in Vietnam, patent applicants need to know fees, required documents and procedure of Vietnam patent entry including PCT Patent in Vietnam and direct patent.

What is patent in Vietnam?

In general, Vietnam allows protection for the following subject matters:

+ Process or method

+ Products

+ Formula, composition, chemical mixture

How many types of patent in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, there are two types of patent including:

+ Utility solution (petty patent)

+ Patent for invention

What are priority claims of patent available in Vietnam?

A patent in Vietnam could be filed in one of the three types:

+ Direct filing: a foreign patent applicant could file their patent in Vietnam directly.

+ PCT Patent: 31 months from the first filing date.
+ Paris conventions: 12 months counted from the first filing date.

What is criteria for patent to be protected in Vietnam?

A patent in Vietnam shall be protected if it meets the following conditions:

+ Novelty step
+ Inventive step (not applicable to utility solution)
+ Industrial applicability

How long is validity of patent in Vietnam?

+ Patent for utility solution: 10 years from the filing date.

+ Patent for invention: 20 years from the filing date.

In order to maintain the validity of Vietnam patent, the annuity patent fee shall be payable annually after the patent is granted only.

What are required documents to file patent in Vietnam?

– Specification of the patent. If it is a PCT patent, we could download it from WIPO’s website.
– Claims of patent or amended claims, if any.
– Drawing (if any)
– Certified copy of priority document (if any)
– Name and Address of inventor and applicant.

– POA (drafted by ASL LAW): Sign only. A copy via email is acceptable, the original one shall be submitted later within 01 month from the filing date or 03 months to PCT patent.

Does ASL LAW provide the service of patent translation from other languages to Vietnamese?

As the Vietnam Patent firm recommended by Legal500 and WTR, ASL LAW always ensure the qualified service of Vietnamese translation of patents for clients with a very affordable fee.

What languages we could translate into Vietnamese?

We could help client to translate patent’s specification from the following languages to Vietnamese:
+ English
+ Korean
+ Chinese
+ Japanese
We could also help translate English specification from to the following languages:
+ Laos
+ Khmer

What sectors of patent which ASL LAW could translate?

We are having:
– Specialized patent attorneys in different technical fields.
– Advanced technology to monitor patent’s portfolio.
Therefore, our patent attorneys could provide the translation of patent for the following sectors:
+ Chemical
+ Pharmaceutical
+ Mechanical & Engineering

Is our translation rate of patent’s specification competitive?

Under the effect of COVID, we are trying to help our clients save their budget by improving our translation service through the technical support. Therefore, we could provide the most affordable rate of translations of patent specification into different languages.

We also have a special offer of translation rate for patent translations company who we agree to partnership. You could contact us for this special quotation if you meet our requirement of partnership.

What is our translation process?

+ Step 1: patent’s specification is translated by a specialised translator;
+ Step 2: the translation is reviewed by a patent attorney in the respective sector;
+ Step 3: the translation is finally checked and approved by the team leader of the patent department;
+ Step 4: the translation is provided to our client for their comments/review if required

Where can we file patent in Vietnam?

The patent shall be filed at Vietnam National Office of Intellectual property (NOIP)

What is procedure of filing patent in Vietnam?

+ Step 1: Formality examination of patent
Process of registering patent in Vietnam - patent in Vietnam - PCT patent in Vietnam                                Process of registering patent in Vietnam – patent in Vietnam – PCT patent in Vietnam
National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) will examine the formality of the patent application within 1-2 months counted from the filing date. However, the actual time may be longer.

+ Step 2: Publication of patent on Vietnamese IP Gazette
NOIP shall publish the patent application on Vietnamese IP Gazette within 19 months counted from the first filing date or date of accepting its legitimate whatever comes later. The applicant could ask for earlier publication of their patent application.

+ Step 3: Substantive examination of patent
NOIP shall issue the substantive examination result 18 months from the publishing date. If the result is positive, the patent shall be granted within 1-2 months. Otherwise, patent applicant shall have three months (extensible for 3 months) to respond to the rejection.

+ Step 4: Granting Vietnam patent
Within 1-3 months from the notice of patent granting.

What is sample of patent certificate in Vietnam?

Patent in Vietnam - Vietnam Patent - PCT Patent in Vietnam - File Patent in Vietnam
Patent in Vietnam – Vietnam Patent – PCT Patent in Vietnam – File Patent in Vietnam

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What clients talk about ASL LAW – Vietnam Patent Firm?

The followings are client’s comments about our services under Legal500’s survey:
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