Contract Reviewing and Drafting

Contract is a significant factor in any business or civil trading. Our lawyers with comprehensive knowledge of common law, civil law and commerce in full legal fields could advise clients on reviewing and drafting contract lawfully which meet requirement of both parties.

What services we could provide to contract?

  • Participating into negotiation between parties
  • Legal opinion on business transaction between parties
  • Check the compliance of contract between parties under local laws
  • Drafting the new contract
  • Reviewing the contract between parties

What sectors we could review and draft contract?

ASL LAW could provide contract service to the following fields:

Contract consultancy: contract drafting and contract reviewing
Contract consultancy: contract drafting and contract reviewing

What are our highlighted cases? 

  1. Consulting, assisting in the dispute resolution process with partners who is a major shareholder related to the implementation of cooperation contracts, implementing business activities.
  2. Consulting a big company in Investment Corporation and Housing Development in drafting agreements related to the transfer and cooperation in construction and exploitation of real estate projects.
  3. Consulting a Telco in assessing legal issues of a contract to transfer a number of real estate projects in accordance with the provisions of law and specific requirements of enterprises.
  4. Consulting one of the largest real estate companies in building contracts for the preparation of investment, investment and exploitation of real estate projects.

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