Vietnam: The destination for investors both at home and abroad

Vietnam: The destination for investors both at home and abroad, investors in Vietnam, investors abroad, M&A in Vietnam, Vietnam M&A, Vietnam M&A Law Firm, ASL LAW, Pham Duy Khuong

Improvements in investment and business policy and the participation in bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements have helped Vietnam become a potentially attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors, says lawyer Pham Duy Khuong, managing director of ASL LAW, who spoke about the recent movements and their influence with VIR’s Hoang Oanh. How do you…

Happy Anniversary ASL Law Firm

Anniversary ASL LAW - Lawyers Go Global

ASL LAW Firm held a ceremony to celebrate the company’s founding at Marriott Hotel, Hanoi. The ceremony was attended by guests who are lawyers, partners, domestic and foreign customers and all employees of the Company. The event acknowledges outstanding milestones of ASL LAW. Trusted partner of businesses ASL LAW is the gathering place for famous…

UK-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (UKVFTA): Big chance for Vietnam and UK enterprises

Nguyen Thi Thuy Chung-Deputy director, ASL LAW

(Published on Vietnam Investment Review). As the United Kingdom began a transition period on its way to leaving the EU in January, meaning the free trade deal between Vietnam and EU members is only valid for the UK until the end of the year, Vietnam and the UK worked quickly towards signing a UK-Vietnam Free…

Vietnam M&A Forum 2020: highlights of M&A opportunities in new normal

Vietnam M&A Forum: highlights of M&A opportunities in new normal

Lawyer Pham Duy Khuong of ASL LAW joined the first session of the Vietnam M&A Forum 2020 with other lawyers and experts sharing their thoughts about the opportunities and challenges of Vietnam’s M&A market in the new normal. Phan Duc Hieu, deputy head, Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) One factor driving M&A activities is…

Twitter, Netflix and Spotify: Flatforms Providing Cross- Border Services and The Adversity Of Reversed Protection For Foreign Enterprises In Vietnam

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Spotify- Flatforms Providing Cross-Border Services and The Adversity Of Reversed Protection Of Foreign Enterprises In Vietnam.

(Published on Vietnam Law Magazine). In the 4.0 era, the physical border gradually becomes invisible but all of services and people’s demands are provided on the cyberspace – where there are not any border lines that may prevent any organizations, individuals who have an adequate capacity, passion and creativities from providing their own services across…

Lawyer Pham Duy Khuong replies to VTV on draft circular of the Ministry of Construction collecting the maintenance fee of 2%

Luật sư Phạm Duy Khương trả lời VTV về quỹ bảo trì chung cư 2%

The Ministry of Construction released a draft circular which requires real estate developers to open a separate payment account for the 2% maintenance fee. The owner accordingly will have to agree immediately in the contract with the apartment buyer on a fixed account to collect the 2% maintenance fund. VTV has had a report on…

Evaluating the region-wide race for overseas investment

Evaluating the region-wide race for overseas investment, Investment in Vietnam, ASEAN Investment, investment, ASEAN, China - ASEAN Investment

Currently, there is a movement of foreign direct investment (FDI) capital flow from China to other countries, especially in the ASEAN  region (Our article published on Vietnam Investment Review). Recognizing that movement, in 2019 China issued a new Law on Foreign Investment to replace three legal documents: the Law on Joint Venture Enterprises between China…

E-Commerce Platform – Road To Success In Vietnam And Cross-Border Trading

(Published on Vietnam Law Magazine) – Nowadays, smartphone and internet are very popular and familiar with Vietnamese people from younger to elder. It is very different from 10 years ago, when the internet was just a concept in the mind of most Vietnamese people and cellphone had just a typical function of calling and texting….

Vietnam Business Summit 2019: Swift digital revolution drives Vietnam’s economic growth

Lawyer Pham Duy Khuong _ Vietnam Investment review

Vietnam Business Summit 2019 this year discussed the topic of Digital transformation in Vietnam. On the occasion, Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) interviewed lawyer Pham Duy Khuong of ASL LAW along with other Directors/CEO of companies about the swift digital transformation. ASL LAW would like to present the whole article from the VIR for your reference. …

Fraud of goods origin (Made In Vietnam) just a risk, or actually happening?

goods of Vietnam under risk of investigation of origin fraud to avoid tariff

Lawyer Pham Duy Khuong from ASL LAW answered VTV about effects of fake  certificate of origin to Vietnamese market. A list of 13 types of products at risk of fraud investigation has been released. The situation of goods origin fraud, “made in Vietnam” masquerades, if not effectively prevented, will greatly affect the prestige and competitiveness of…

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