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Vietnam IP Law Firm – Vietnam Patent Law Firm – Vietnam Trademark Law Firm

ASL LAW is an outstanding Vietnam IP law firm (Vietnam patent law firm – Vietnam trademark firm, Vietnam copyright law firm) with strategic partnerships and long-term associates in more than 72 countries. ASL LAW founded by Lawyer Pham Duy Khuong with 14 years of experience in the intellectual property industry. Lawyer Pham Duy Khuong is recommended as the leading lawyer in Vietnam by Legal500, ASIA LAW for many years.



ASL LAW is a trusted Vietnam IP firm for International enterprises, organisations and individuals with inquiry of intellectual property services in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and the other ASEAN countries.

In addition, the Vietnam IP firm is also helping Vietnamese enterprises, organisations and individuals with inquiry of intellectual property services globally. Recently, Vietnamese companies are expanding their business oversea and protection of intellectual property is a must action.

Vietnam Intellectual Property Agent (Vietnam IP Agent)
Vietnam Intellectual Property Agent (Vietnam IP Agent)


  • Having experienced Vietnam trademark attorneys, patent attorneys, copyright attorneys
  • Providing preliminary investigation of trademark prior to officially filing trademark in Vietnam
  • Providing full range of IP matters from prosecution and enforcement in Vietnam.
  • Making comprehensive plan in raid actions against IP infringement
  • One common gate with affordable prices to IP matters in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other ASEAN countries
  • Understanding international business culture
  • Understanding commercial view of IP matters 


ASL LAW, the Vietnam Law IP firm, could provide the following services:

+ Vietnam Trademark

– Protection of Trademark in Vietnam

– Trademark search in Vietnam

–  Trademark enforcement in Vietnam

– Vietnam trademark watching and opposition

– Trademark renewal in Vietnam

– Trademark licensing in Vietnam

– Trademark assignment in Vietnam

– Vietnam Trademark portfolio

– Vietnam trademark litigation

+ Vietnam Patent

– Protection of Patent in Vietnam

– Patent search in Vietnam

–  Patent enforcement in Vietnam

– Patent annuity in Vietnam

–  Patent licensing in Vietnam

– Patent assignment in Vietnam

– Vietnam Patent portfolio

– Vietnam patent litigation

+ Vietnam Industrial Design

– Protection of industrial design in Vietnam

– industrial design search in Vietnam

–  industrial design enforcement in Vietnam

– industrial design renewal in Vietnam

–  industrial design licensing in Vietnam

– Industrial design assignment in Vietnam

– Vietnam industrial design portfolio

– Vietnam industrial design litigation

+ Vietnam Copyright

Registration of copyright in Vietnam

– Enforcement of copyright in Vietnam

– Copyright litigation in Vietnam


+ Trademark filing

– Trademark In Cambodia

– Trademark in Myanmar

– Trademark in Laos

– International trademark registration

+ Patent Filing

– Patent in Laos

– Patent in Cambodia

                             Intellectual Property services, IP, Vietnam Firm, IP in Vietnam

– Patent in Myanmar

– International Patent Filing

+ Industrial design Filing

– Industrial design in Cambodia

– Industrial design in Laos

– Industrial design in Myanmar

– International industrial design filing

+ Copyright Registration:

– Copyright in Cambodia

– Copyright in Laos

– International copyright registration


+ Watching and Opposition

– Trademark Watching in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar

– Trademark opposition in Vietnam

– Trademark opposition in Cambodia

– Trademark opposition in Laos

– Trademark opposition in Myanmar

– Appealing to provisional refusal of international trademark in Cambodia

– Appealing to provisional refusal of international trademark in Laos

+ Information search services:

– Advanced Patent Analysis and Searching

– Advanced Trademark Analysis and Searching

– Advanced Industrial design Analysis and Searching

– Infringement search 

+ IP portfolio management consultants:

– Renew trademark in Cambodia

– Renew trademark in Laos

– Renew trademark in Myanmar

– Renew trademark internationally

– Patent annuity in Cambodia

– Patent annuity in Laos

– International Patent annuity

– Patent annuity in other countries

– Renew industrial design in Vietnam

– Renew industrial design in Laos

– Renew industrial design in Cambodia

– Renew industrial design in Myanmar

– Renew industrial design internationally

+ Record change of IP matters

– Record the change of trademark certificate, patent and design in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other countries

– Trademark assignment, patent assignment, and industrial design assignment in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other countries.


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