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(ASL LAW’s interview to Vietnam Investment Review). Converging reputable lawyers and legal experts working in different fields of law in Vietnam and internationally, ASL LAW not only provides a variety of legal services but is also considered a sheet anchor by Vietnamese businesses with trade relations in 22 countries around the world. With a team…

Vietnam Business Summit 2019: Swift digital revolution drives Vietnam’s economic growth

Lawyer Pham Duy Khuong _ Vietnam Investment review

Vietnam Business Summit 2019 this year discussed the topic of Digital transformation in Vietnam. On the occasion, Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) interviewed lawyer Pham Duy Khuong of ASL LAW along with other Directors/CEO of companies about the swift digital transformation. ASL LAW would like to present the whole article from the VIR for your reference. …

Law Firm in Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam Business Law Firm

ASL LAW- HO Chi Minh Law Firm - Vietnam Business Law Firm - Law Firm in Ho Chi Minh - Sai Gon Law Firm - Law Firm in Sai Gon. Lawyer Pham Duy Khuong asked Obama About TPP (Now CPTPP)

ASL LAW: A TRUSTED LAW FIRM IN HO CHI MINH – VIETNAM BUSINESS LAW FIRM Ho Chi Minh is the largest economic city in Vietnam accounting for 2/3 GDP of Vietnam. The city has become the most attractive one for both domestic and foreign investors. When doing business in Ho Chi Minh, it is significant…

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