Notes when investing to settle abroad, investing to settle abroad

Notes when investing to settle abroad for Vietnamese

Possessing citizenship in developed countries to become a global citizen, meeting the purpose of expanding business markets, and reaching out to the world, is the desire of many successful entrepreneurs in Vietnam in the period of integration development.

However, the investment to settle abroad is not always convenient. Each application will need a different solution to suit the purpose of each person’s settlement. Therefore, the following information will help investors understand some important notes when deciding to invest in settling abroad.

Prepare documents according to the requirements of the host country

One of the first and most important steps when making foreign investment procedures is preparing documents. Investors need to fulfill all requirements, procedures, documents, or supplement documents as necessary in accordance with the time frame and process prescribed by the host country. Documents about the source of investment money, it is necessary to declare the truth about the status of yourself and the dossier. Investors need to clearly and transparently show every detail of the dossier, even the smallest.

If not enough documents are submitted, the investor will be required to supplement them before submitting them to the host country agency. The clearer the preparation of the settlement application, the faster the approval time will be.

Settlement and business plan

Investors need a clear settlement roadmap and business plan. Investors must understand the steps to make a settlement application. In that process, investors should also plan a route like what will the other side do? Where will be? What business will be carried out?

In order to not feel lost when moving to a new country, investors should learn about the country they are going to because this is their second home (living environment, people, society, transportation, and the social and security policies of that country). To get this accurate information, investors need an immigration consultant with many years of experience who can understand the above information accurately.

In addition to attractive benefits such as the policy of freedom of movement, freedom to live, work and enjoy social security benefits, the government of each country sets certain requirements and conditions before approving the entry of immigrants into the host country’s market.

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