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Main activities of ASL LAW lawyers at INTA 2023

INTA is a unique event for each individual or organization practicing intellectual property services in the world. Within the framework of the annual conference of the International Trademark Association INTA 2023 in Singapore, ASL LAW has made a deep impression on the company’s activities with representatives of other leading international intellectual property law firms attending the Conference.

At the INTA Conference, ASL LAW successfully represented Vietnam’s leading intellectual property law firms in exchange, communication and cooperation with representatives from other leading international law firms.

To strengthen and connect, reach deeper, ASL LAW has carried out many activities at INTA 2023, including:

Bringing the quintessence of Vietnamese coffee to the world

Vietnamese coffee is one of the quintessence and identity of Vietnamese culture, tradition and country. With its distinctive aroma and unique taste, Vietnamese coffee has made its mark in the hearts of coffee lovers around the world.

Through continuous efforts to improve quality and production standards, Vietnamese coffee has become a recognized and preferred brand in the international market. Wide range of coffee samples, from clean organic coffee to instant coffee and roasted coffee, are being enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

Following the movement of bringing Vietnamese national cultural identity to share in the world, the ASL LAW team participating in INTA 2023 brought many bags of sweet Trung Nguyen coffee with Vietnamese flavors to the event and shared it with the attendees coming to exhibition booth No. Q12 of ASL LAW free of charge.

Vietnamese coffee is not only a beverage, but also a connection and interference between cultures and people around the world. Through sharing its quintessence, ASL LAW has become a proud messenger, bringing the unique image and taste of the country and Vietnamese people to the world.

Communicate and exchange with leading international intellectual property law experts

At the event, ASL LAW‘s team of lawyers participated in discussions with many individuals, experts and representatives of the world’s leading intellectual property law firms, sharing about each party’s fields of activity, thereby exploring the possibility of cooperation between companies to be able to provide customers of each party with a solution for registration and optimal protection of interests at the most reasonable cost.

Share the joy with the representative who came to the ASL LAW booth through a small minigame

For each representative and associate who came to talk with ASL LAW at exhibition booth No. Q12, after a pleasant conversation, ASL LAW’s staff all said goodbye to guests with a small minigame.

The prizes are diverse, the only thing guarantee is that 100% of visitors will have gifts to take home:

ASL LAW connects globally

From the exchange of information on intellectual property rights, international law, to the latest trends and challenges in the field, ASL LAW and representatives met at the INTA Conference to discuss the methodology to create innovative solutions and optimize the protection of intellectual property for customers. This solidarity, cross-border cooperation has brought great benefits to the intellectual property law firms and the international community attending the event.

Having held 145 times of the INTA Annual Conference on Intellectual Property, we have witnessed the expansion and development of the field of Intellectual Property globally, thanks to active cooperation and interaction at the INTA Conference. Through this cooperation, we have built bridges between different cultures, languages and legal systems, facilitating the promotion and protection of intellectual property on every continent.

Talking with global intellectual property representatives at INTA is an important step forward and an inspiration for the further development of ASL LAW in the field of Intellectual Property in Vietnam and the ASEAN region. Hopefully in the next INTA 2024 event held in the United States, ASL LAW will continue to meet familiar faces at this Conference, to share the achievements after one year of operating and continue to create motivation, push each other forward, reaffirming the positions of leading IP Law firms worldwide.

ASL LAW is the top-tier Vietnam law firm for Intellectual Property Services. If you need any advice, please contact us for further information or collaboration.

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