Overcoming 2 trends that reduce the "life expectancy" of the law, overcome both trends leading to a reduction in the "life expectancy" of the law, increase the life expectancy of the law

Vietnam: Overcoming 2 trends that reduce the “life expectancy” of the law

On the morning of June 22, at the National Assembly House, Mr. Vuong Dinh Hue, Politburo member, National Assembly Chairman, worked with the Institute for Legislative Studies. Here, the National Assembly Chairman emphasized that it is essential to overcome both trends leading to a reduction in the “life expectancy” of the law.

Also attending the meeting was Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Nguyen Khac Dinh, General Secretary of the National Assembly, Chairman of the National Assembly Office Bui Van Cuong…

Challenges and resolutions

After reading the report and hearing the opinions from all sides, the National Assembly Chairman and the delegates unanimously assessed that, compared with agencies in the National Assembly, the Legislative Research Institute has a “younger life expectancy”. Therefore, It currently has many difficulties and obstacles in shaping organizational and operational models, along with the challenges in the functions and tasks’ performances. 

Khắc phục 2 khuynh hướng làm giảm “tuổi thọ” của luật
National Assembly Chairman speaks at the National Assembly House

However, the Institute for Legislative Research has made great efforts to complete the tasks assigned by the National Assembly Standing Committee in various fields of work, such as legislative scientific research; scientific information organization legislative; manage scientific research activities in the agencies of the National Assembly, the National Assembly Standing Committee and the Office of the National Assembly; published the Journal of Legislative Studies. 

How to increase the life expectancy of the law?

The National Assembly Chairman emphasized that legislative scientific research has two areas. The first is basic research on legislative science, including legislative process, legislative experience in the world, parliament, and legislative work. The second is application research, focusing on research to advise the orientation according to the term of the National Assembly, studying the law projects being submitted to the National Assembly – especially those that still have many diverse opinions. 

Along with that, the Resolution also stated a request to review to supplement and improve the existing legal system in the spirit of ensuring the stability of the legal system in terms of the organization of state apparatus, economy, civil rights, and human rights. The National Assembly chairman further emphasized that application research or basic research must also focus on overcoming the inadequacies and shortcomings that have been pointed out in the legal system, such as the lack of uniformity, overlap, contradiction, lack of stability, low feasibility, the short life expectancy of the law…

The National Assembly Chairman stated that in the conclusion of the Politburo on the implementation of Resolution 48, the shortcomings were clearly stated, such as: Not meeting the requirements of a legal system in service of development. At this point, the requirements of the legal system are uniform, synchronous, transparent, stable, and highly feasible. This is the content that needs to be researched and improves to overcome both trends that make the life expectancy of the law reduced.

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