Vietnam: How Does Lawyers’ Letter Of Demand Help Enterprises?, advantages of a letter of demand from a lawyer to a business

Vietnam: How Does Lawyers’ Letter Of Demand Help Enterprises?

The Lawyers’ Letter of Demand is critical in asking that the breaching party fulfill its agreed-upon duties. However, what use does such a letter serve? In other words, what are its benefits to businesses?

The current state of the economy has created many possibilities for businesses to collaborate. Furthermore, more disputes arise as a result of the parties’ failure to perform their agreed-upon obligations, such as failure to make a payment or deliver goods on time, failure or delay in performing, failure to comply with the agreement, violations of commitments such as non-disclosure agreements, dispute resolution, and so on. In certain cases, the breaching party goes so far as to offend and damage the aggrieved party’s honor, dignity, and reputation.

Despite the fact that the aggrieved party has warned the infringing party, the violating party often ignores or refuses to cooperate. As a result, the Lawyers’ Letter of Demand is critical in asking that the breaching party fulfill its agreed-upon duties. However, what use does such a letter serve?

The advantages of a letter of demand from a lawyer to a business

The following are some of the most important advantages of a lawyer’s letter of demand:

First and foremost, delivering outcomes in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In reality, many businesses have utilized Lawyers’ Letters of Demand to compel their partners to fulfill their responsibilities. As a consequence, such violators cooperated and fulfilled their duties promptly. The reason for this is because the violating party recognizes that the aggrieved party is aware of the severity of the breach and that it requires legal assistance to remedy. As a result, the matter is settled promptly and cost-effectively rather than settling at a dispute resolution agency.

Second, a lawyer’s letter of demand may be used as proof of the breaching party’s refusal to cooperate.

Lawyers’ Letters of Demand serve as compelling proof to submit to competent authorities if the breaching party does not demonstrate cooperation, in addition to serving as a warning to the violating party to fulfill its duties.

More cautiously, the asking party may want to have a bailiff office send a Lawyer’s Letter of Demand as proof of delivery of its request.

Effectiveness of the structure Demand Letter from Lawyers

The following are the key parts of a lawyer’s letter of demand:

  • Lawyers’ Introduction: Providing contact information for the legal firm and lawyers hired by the aggrieved party in this matter;
  • Information about the offender: A party who has breached the agreement’s obligations is referred to as a violating party.
  • The request’s goal is to: requesting that a certain duty be fulfilled in accordance with the agreement;
  • Summarizing the facts of the matter and attaching proof (contracts, papers, letters, emails between parties, and so on);
  • Lawyers’ opinions on the matter and the breaching party’s obligations: Lawyers will explain the breaching party’s responsibilities as well as legal reasons in accordance with the parties’ agreement and laws.
  • Lawyers’ demands: Lawyers will make requests on behalf of the aggrieved party, and the infringing party will be required to comply within a specified time frame. There are also legal ramifications if the breaching party fails to comply within the specified time frame.

For example, in a debt collection case where the debtor is an enterprise, the Lawyer can state the legal consequences that the debtor must bear, such as being named in a lawsuit, being asked to initiate the bankruptcy process, the debtor’s managers being barred from holding similar positions in other businesses by law, and provisional emergency measures being implemented.

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