What is sample of Vietnam trademark certificate?

Sample of Vietnam Trademark certificate, trademark certificate in Vietnam (ASL LAW)

After the trademark is allowed in Vietnam, it shall be issued registration of trademark certificate in Vietnam. This is a sample of Vietnam trademark certificate. The Vietnam trademark certificate shall include the information of trademark application in Vietnam, filing date of trademark in Vietnam, publication date, issuing date and registration number. You could read the…

Process Of registering Trademark In Vietnam

Process of registering trademark in Vietnam, Register trademark in Vietnam, Trademark registration in Vietnam, Vietnam Trademark Registration, Trademark in Vietnam

Both foreign and local applicants are allowed to register trademark in Vietnam. The process of registering trademark in Vietnam shall include the following steps. 1.     Step 1: Conducting trademark search in Vietnam. It is an optional process of trademark registration in Vietnam. Its purposes are to: + Checking the availability of your trademark before officially…

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