Investigation on anti-dumping of cold-rolled stainless steel products from Vietnam by Malaysia

Investigation on anti-dumping of cold-rolled stainless steel products from Vietnam by Malaysia

July 28, 2020, Malaysia’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) initiated an anti-dumping investigation against cold-rolled stainless steel products originated from Vietnam and Indonesia.

The plaintiff: Bahru Stainless Sdn. Bhd. – Investigated products: Cold-rolled stainless steel in coils, sheets or other forms, classified under HS. Codes and AHTN: 7219.31.00.00, 7219.32.00.00, 7219.33.00.00, 7219.34.00.00, 7219.35.00.00; 7220.20.10.00; 7220.90.00. – The next procedures: MITI shall send the investigation questionnaires to relevant parties, including the manufacturers, Vietnam’s exportation of investigated products in case of non-receipt of information from MITI, the relevant parties may contact MITI in writing, fax or email to find the information, receive survey questionnaires. MITI also recommends the relevant parties to send their written statements of opinions and arguments about the case to MITI, by responding to the investigation questionnaire and providing the case-related evidence. -Time-limit: + The time-limit for the relevant parties to request to receive the investigation questionnaire: 15 days at the latest from the date of the MITI’s announcement. + The deadline for submission of the investigation questionnaire response and the submission of opinions, arguments in writting about the investigation: Within 30 days from MITI’s announcement, unless extended. – Information receiving address: “Director Trade Practices Section Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) Level 9, Menara MITI No.7, Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah 50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Telephone Number: (603) 6208 4632/4641/4637 Facsimile number: (603) 6211 4429 Email address: [email protected]-Some response recommendations: Implementing the task of supporting exporting enterprises to cope with foreign trade remedies lawsuits, the Department of Trade Remedies recommends the following problems to related associations and manufacture/exportation enterprises.
  • Contact MITI to register to join and receive the questionnaire within the described time;
  • Read carefully the instructions, answer fully the questions and submit the questionnaire in time;
  • Comprehensively cooperate with MITI during the course of incident, including on-site investigations in order to verify the contents of the Questionnaire;
  • Frequently coordinate, exchange information with Malaysian importers so as to stimulate the voice of Malaysian Government, request MITI to seriously consider the socio-economic benefits and interests of customers.
***Note: Any action that shows uncompleted cooperation may lead to Malaysian Investigative Authority to use the adversely available evidence or apply the highest anti-dumping tax rate proposed by Plantiff. With the application of high anti-dumping tax shall lower the competitive advantage, risk losing partly or wholly exportation market to Malaysia’s domestic manufacturing industry and/or competitors from other countries. Download the documents here.
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