Vietnam labour law: How to pay salary for employees during the Covid 19 (NCOV)

How to pay salary for Employee during the Covid 19 (NCOV) epidemic, Vietnam Labour Law, Vietnam labor law

During the past time, due to the impact of Covid – 19 epidemic production and business of many enterprises have encountered difficulties. The question is how to pay salary to employees during the Covid 19 (NCOV)? Recently, Ministry Of Labour, War Invalids And Social Affairs has issued guidance on this with the following highlights. Workers have to…

Labour Dispute Law: Contract termination due to Covid-19 (NCOV) in Vietnam

Covid 19 _NCOV Labour Dispute_Contract Termination In Vietnam, force majeure events in Vietnam force majeure events in Vietnam, terminate contract, Vietnam labour dispute, labour dispute due to NCOV, labour dispute due to COVID 19

CLIENT’S INQUIRY Dear ASL LAW, I have known reputation of your firm in terms of Vietnam Labor Law and I am seeking some legal assistance and advice regarding a labour dispute with my company in Hanoi. I have a full-time definite contract with my company, as well as having a valid work permit. They decided…

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