Vietnam: 15 businesses with noteworthy M&A strategies in the 2009-2023 period

Vietnam: 15 businesses with noteworthy M&A strategies in the 2009-2023 period

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are becoming a crucial part of the global business strategies for numerous enterprises. Below is a list of 15 businesses with notable M&A strategies during the 2009-2023 period honored at the Vietnam M&A Forum 2023.

Within the framework of the 15th Vietnam M&A Forum in 2023, the Organizing Committee is conducting the Voting program for the Outstanding M&A Enterprises. The purpose of this voting program is to evaluate and commend companies with outstanding M&A strategies during the 2009-2023 period.

The participants in the Voting Program include companies involved in M&A transactions, transfers, and acquisitions of strategic partner shares in Vietnam; organizations engaged in noteworthy M&A or restructuring endeavors; and entities with successful M&A strategies and great business outcomes post-M&A.

The list of 15 exemplary companies with M&A strategies includes:

  1. Masan Group
  2. Vingroup
  3. Thaco
  4. VP Bank
  5. Kido Group
  6. TTC Group
  7. Vinamilk
  8. GELEX Group
  9. Gamuda Land
  10. PIT Group
  12. ThaiBev Group
  13. Quadria Capital Company
  14. BIWASE
  15. TASCO Company

These companies have not only implemented effective M&A strategies but have also taken significant steps towards the diversity and prosperity of the Vietnamese business economy. This demonstrates that M&A is not only a business tool but also a crucial strategy for achieving development and prosperity in today’s business environment.

Typically, during the M&A Forum, ASL LAW is awarded one of the Outstanding Vietnam M&A Advisors from 2009-2023.

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