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Taiwan issues early warning in the field of trade remedy for imported products

On August 10, 2023, the Chinese National Federation of Industries (CNFI) organized a seminar on coping with the threat of cheap imported goods. CNFI released the 2023 annual report on investigating goods that threaten the domestic market in Taiwan, listing international export products to Taiwan that could impact the development of the domestic market.

The annual report is compiled based on the results of survey questions about the threat status of imported goods sent to member associations. After receiving the questionnaires, member associations forward them to their member manufacturers. These manufacturing businesses respond honestly and impartially to the questionnaires regarding their perspective on Taiwan’s trade remedy situation. The responses are then collected and summarized during the seminar.

According to CNFI, as of mid-2023, 120 reports have been returned, among which 85 reports indicated threats from imported goods (accounting for 70.83%) into Taiwan, threatening the domestic market. Within the 85 response reports, categorized by industry sector:

  • The metal industry had the highest number of reports reflecting threats, accounting for 34.2%.
  • The construction materials sector accounted for 32.5%.
  • The chemical and plastic industry accounted for 12.8%.

Among the CNFI reports, among the 104 imported goods believed to threaten domestic production, steel was the most frequently reported, accounting for 17.2%. This was followed by products such as stone, cement, asbestos, mica, or similar materials, accounting for 10.1%. In third place were clothing and clothing accessories made of knit or crochet fabrics, accounting for 8.1%.

Regarding the concern raised by Chinese enterprises in the steel industry, the report indicated that due to the global economy experiencing significant fluctuations over time, the production of cheap steel from various countries has become widespread. Improved steel production capacity has led to a sharp increase in steel output in the Taiwan market and worldwide, posing a serious threat to Taiwan’s steel industry.

In terms of export partners, reports presented at the seminar showed that the products most threatened came from mainland China, accounting for 66.4%. This was followed by South Korea at 8.4%, Thailand at 6.7%, Indonesia at 5%, Bahrain, India, and Malaysia each at 2.5%, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam each at 1.7%, and Sweden at 0.8%. Among these, this year, the percentage of responses indicating products from mainland China as threats to Taiwan’s industries has significantly increased by nearly 30% compared to last year’s 37.9%.

To address these threats, CNFI presented the three most effective and feasible measures: applying anti-dumping duties (77.40%), implementing import-impacting measures (56.40%), and enhancing origin source checks and labeling at border customs (45.10%).

Impact on Vietnam

According to CNFI’s report, imported goods from Vietnam accounted for only 1.7% of the total answer reports, much lower than the 14.6% of last year. However, Vietnamese enterprises exporting products to Taiwan still need to be cautious if their exported products fall under the following categories:

  • Steel products.
  • Products made from tinplate with a capacity of less than 50 liters (CCC code 73102910006).
  • Glass products.
  • Safety glass products, sized and shaped for use in vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft, or ships (CCC code 70072100004).
  • Cement products with CCC code 25231090003 (other cement clinkers).

These products are divided into three categories: steel, glass, and cement. Notably, this is a positive signal for Vietnamese enterprises as compared to the same period last year, CNFI in Taiwan listed 19 groups of goods originating from Vietnam in the warning list.

Thus, according to CNFI’s investigation, the imported goods threatening Taiwan’s market from Vietnam have significantly decreased this year to only three categories of goods, compared to the 19 groups of goods in 2022. Apart from the steel products explicitly named in the report, the remaining two groups are still the same products mentioned in previous reports, with similar recommendations.

To ensure their best interests, Vietnamese businesses producing steel, cement, and glass products falling under this warning should contact a reputable legal firm specializing in anti-dumping and trade remedy to receive timely assistance.

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