Main topics discussed at the IBA Annual Conference Paris 2023

Main topics discussed at the IBA Annual Conference Paris 2023

The International Bar Association (IBA) conference in Paris in 2023 has garnered significant attention from the legal community and experts worldwide. With discussions led by renowned lawyers and legal experts, this year’s event covered a wide range of key topics, addressing new challenges and offering innovative solutions in the field of international law.

The official program of the IBA 2023 conference took place over three days, featuring a series of diverse events, primarily sessions with the participation of world-leading experts in the legal field. The discussions were divided into various topics, simultaneously taking place in multiple rooms within the conference venue.

The conference focused on new trends in the legal field, including labor rights, risk management in businesses, and the challenges of climate change on legal practices. Experts also deliberated on how the law can play a crucial role in addressing global issues such as migration, security, and environmental protection.

Noteworthy topics included discussions on trends and influential factors in the legal profession in 2023, focusing on the development of advanced technology, survey results on factors influencing the future of legal services, including issues related to training, resource management, talent attraction, and ensuring the quality of services provided to clients.

Conference programs also covered topics related to disputes in environmental, social, and corporate governance areas, trends and strategies in Civil Law and Common Law courts, risk management, regulations related to climate change, sustainable development, and global human rights. Another interesting theme was cultural issues and the compensation system applied in law firms, addressing issues from strict policies to the application of soft skills, changes in assessment mechanisms for client development, and a reassessment of success indicators with financial and non-profit factors.

Furthermore, the conference explored the theme of China and globalization, assessing recent investment trends between Europe and China, and prospects for the future.

Key discussions at IBA 2023 Paris

The official opening ceremony took place on October 29, 2023, chaired by Almudena Arpon de Mendivil, IBA President for the term 2023-2024. During the opening ceremony, delegates from around the world paid attention to a video speech by Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, welcoming the conference. President Macron emphasized France and Europe’s central position, especially the impact of conflicts, the war between Russia and Ukraine, economic development issues, maintaining legal principles, and protecting human rights, with the crucial role of lawyers. France and Europe stand at the forefront, influencing the global development of law in the complex global context.

Almudena Arpon de Mendivil, President of the International Bar Association (IBA), highlighted in her speech at the 75th Annual Conference in Paris that the event marked significant challenges in political, economic, and technological aspects. The conference garnered global participation for discussions, support, and promotion of the legal and social justice fields.

Mrs. Mendivil emphasized that the legal profession faces particular challenges from complex conflicts in Europe and the Middle East, market dynamics in the energy sector, and the urgent situation of climate change. She underscored the crucial role of a strong legal community in addressing these challenges. With a network of over 80,000 members worldwide, IBA clearly defines its mission to protect national legal systems, and it has been doing so for many decades.

The IBA President expressed her views at the Annual Conference, where in-depth discussions took place to address current challenges in the legal field. The conference program was organized around key themes central to the legal profession, including issues related to artificial intelligence, strong influences on client advisory activities, and internal structures and processes of law firms, especially concerning the involvement of women in key positions, and respecting gender diversity.

Subsequently, Michel Barnier, former Chief Negotiator of the European Union from 2016 to 2021, addressed the challenges facing Europe. He discussed the impact of Brexit and its consequences after the UK’s departure from the European Union, answering various questions from lawyers worldwide. Barnier shared valuable and personal information about the negotiation process and the changes Europe underwent during that period, providing a profound insight into the current political and legal landscape of Europe.

Legal Profession Trends and Technology Influence in 2023

On the morning of October 30, 2023, the session on “Legal Profession Trends in 2023” was chaired by Paul D. Paton, Dean of the Fowler School of Law at Chapman University, California, USA. The session featured leading experts from the Business Structure Innovation and Reform Committee and the Issues Committee of the Bar Association.

Speakers introduced the organizational structure of the legal profession in developed countries, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. They exchanged views on the importance of enhancing culture within law firms, manifested through the formulation of policies and guidelines for offices and law firms to improve the quality of the working environment, especially in demonstrating respect, equality, and non-discrimination.

Additionally, international organizations sought solutions to reconcile ethical regulations among countries with different cultural and political backgrounds. They addressed the application of progressive policies to create common working conditions and promote understanding and coordination between nations.

The subsequent discussion attracted significant attention when addressing the emergence of Chat GPT and its impact on the operations of law firms. U.S. law firms are increasingly developing with AI technology. Discussions from late 2022 to 2023 raised the question of whether the mandatory skills of lawyers should include knowledge of technology, sparking considerable debate.

Factors Influencing the Future of the Legal Industry

In the early afternoon of October 30, 2023, the discussion session of the IBA Legal Services Future Committee took place. Speakers in the discussion presented hotspots reflecting survey results, identifying significant developments that would impact the future of the legal services industry. They provided updates on projects currently undertaken by the IBA. This committee was established with the aim of ensuring that the IBA remains at the forefront of legal industry development and supports its members as well as the profession in general in identifying, evaluating, and responding to ongoing changes and advancements.

Lawyers of ASL LAW at the IBA Paris 2023

During the discussion held on the morning of October 31, 2023, on the dynamics between domestic and international interests in international arbitration activities, with the participation of the International Trade Committee on Legal Services and chaired by the Issues Committee of the Bar Association (BIC).

The discussion focused on the impact of the international dispute resolution process on the field of international commercial legal services, highlighting the establishment and development of international commercial courts and regional arbitration centers. These organizations compete to attract legal services to their regions or territories, as well as the interaction between local lawyers and foreign companies. The workshop provided a comparative perspective and drew lessons from Singapore, Rwanda, and India.

Speakers focused on discussing the coordination between lawyers, international arbitration organizations, and local lawyers in the international arbitration process, emphasizing the role of local bar associations in this collaborative relationship. Lauren Wong, in his sharing about Singapore, mentioned the establishment of the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC) in 2015, with the goal of becoming the most neutral and fair arbitration center. The Singapore government aims to enhance the country’s international standing as a crucial business and legal center in Asia and a leading center for international commercial dispute resolution. The SICC, along with London, has become two of the largest arbitration centers in the world.

In the afternoon of October 31, 2023, speakers continued to discuss the topic of Culture and Treatment Regime in Law Firms: Increasing Challenges in Identifying, evaluating, and Praising the ‘Ideal Partner’.” Currently, no one can doubt the difficulty in finding and defining a partner’s role in the Law Firm environment. Success in choosing a partner today reflects not only on financial aspects or specific benefits but also on the ability to lead “soft” leadership skills and build reliable relationships with both clients and the younger generation of lawyers.

Moreover, supporting positive aspects of culture has never been as challenging as it is today, and implementing this in practice remains a significant issue. The discussion shared the results of the IBA Law Firm Management Committee’s 2023 remuneration survey, as well as heard examples and success stories from firms reevaluating partner contributions, transitioning from partner assessment processes to partner development, and updates on their financial and non-financial situations.

Enhancing the Legal Profession’s Contribution to Society

On November 1, 2023, the Leadership Forum of the IBA Bar Issues Commission continued to organize to update representatives from national member organizations on the implementation of IBA projects, understand the planned work, and propose themes as well as programs for future BIC activities. On behalf of the BIC, the President of the Committee, Mr. Ken Murphy, praised the significant contributions of BIC leaders, who worked diligently, discussed, and guided reports and action plans, providing much expertise and dedication. The figures in the report detail the development process and work implemented in Bar Associations.

The final meeting of the IBA Council on the afternoon of November 2, 2023, marked the most important event within the framework of this year’s IBA Annual Conference in Paris. In the opening part of the meeting, the IBA President expected recognition from the organization’s members of the achievements IBA had made and the actions taken in the past year.

She reiterated the issues that had been discussed, with this year’s IBA strategic plan focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) to build a sustainable legal framework and address the challenges of AI to society in general and the legal industry in particular as AI development rapidly unfolds. IBA aims to contribute through a leadership role, enhance awareness, and create the best professional environment in the current context. Additionally, IBA continues other fundamental strategies such as promoting gender equality, supporting law programs at universities, organizing lawyer professional development, continuing to support renewable energy projects, providing fundamental international principles, and identifying legal issues related to similar projects worldwide.

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