10 memorable milestones of ASL LAW in 10 years of development

10 memorable stations of ASL LAW in 10 years of development

While a decade may not seem like a long period of time, it holds significant importance for ASL LAW as it represents the starting journey filled with countless memories, illustrating the company’s journey of growth and development. These 10 years stand as a significant milestone, marking crucial strides taken by ASL LAW as it aims to strengthen its position with even greater aspirations and ambitions.

Reflecting on the journey of the last decade, ASL LAW resembles a train steadily making its way to various stations, each of which represents a significant station in the company’s development. Starting from the Beginning station, progressing to the Breakthrough station, expanding and integrating, and ultimately reaching the cross-border station, ASL LAW consistently showcases its unwavering commitment to service quality, dedication to the legal profession, and strong work ethic. This is all made possible through the enthusiasm of its lawyers and associates who share the same ambition.

Station No. 1 – The Beginning Station

On August 30, 2013, A&S Law’s journey in the field of intellectual property began. The firm was founded with a vision to establish an advanced intellectual property company to promote innovation and creativity in Vietnam with a team that brings a fresh perspective and possesses an extensive understanding of intellectual property matters in Vietnam and many countries around the world. After 4 years of establishment, the company has been consistently ranked among the top intellectual property firms with the highest number of trademark applications in Vietnam. As it entered its fifth year, A&S Law proudly secured a spot on the list of AsiaLaw’s outstanding intellectual property law firms.

Station No. 2 – The Relaying Station

This significant Station marks the establishment of ASL Law on December 5, 2018. ASL Law stands as an independent legal firm, uniting successful lawyers not solely from Vietnam, but also many countries around the world.

Station No. 3 – Breakthrough Station

This juncture marks the merger event between A&S Law and ASL Law. Throughout their operations, both companies recognized the necessity for an expanded reach to fully realize their shared values, missions, and visions, not only within Vietnam but also in many other countries. As a result, a new ASL Law emerged – an independent law firm providing comprehensive services.   

Station No. 4 – Renowned Station

Operating within a complex, diverse, and international landscape, ASL Law and its associated legal entities swiftly earn their place as outstanding law firms in many different fields (Intellectual Property Law, Litigation, Tax Law, Enterprises and Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring) according to renowned legal directories such as Legal500, AsiaLaw, World Trademark, and Asia Law Business Journal.

Station No. 5 – Integration Station

In its commitment to provide top-tier legal services to both foreign companies operating in Vietnam and Vietnamese enterprises expanding overseas, ASL Law has been consistently participating in major international legal events. This involves sponsorship and accompanying legal events organized by the International Bar Association (IBA) in Singapore, Japan, and the US. These activities serve as a platform for ASL Law to showcase to the global community the Vietnamese culture, such as the introduction of the Vietnamese coffee culture at INTA’s annual conference on intellectual property in Singapore. These efforts have highlighted ASL Law’s ambition to establish itself as a dynamic, high-quality legal firm with Vietnamese origins — A Law Firm that eagerly embraces new opportunities and challenges.

Station No. 6 – Expansion Station

Originating in Hanoi, ASL Law has expanded its presence to Saigon and Singapore. The entry into the Singapore market marks the initial step in ASL Law’s long-term plan of fostering connections and collaborations with multiple law firms in Singapore, while concurrently advancing its aspiration of evolving into an ASEAN law firm. By 2028, ASL Law aims to establish offices in four different countries. Consequently, ASL Law is dedicated to building a team of legal professionals whose expertise transcends geographical boundaries. As an illustration, when addressing a dispute involving a Vietnamese enterprise subject to Singapore arbitration (SIAC), the legal team may include both Vietnamese and Singaporean lawyers.

Station No. 7 – Cross-Border Station

Benefitting from a well-regarded and strictly selected network of international lawyers after more than a decade of cooperation, ASL Law has extended its legal services to over 27 countries focusing on the following areas: intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, business establishment, and arbitration disputes in Singapore (SIAC) and Beijing. Notably, a significant number of clients from other countries have chosen ASL Law for their legal needs within the ASEAN region. 

Station No. 8 – Optimum Station

Enhancing cost-efficiency via comprehensive solutions and selecting legal partners suitable to each client’s specific nature and capacities is a priority for ASL Law. The firm constantly optimizes its management capacity, evident through investments in establishing a robust management framework and improving the security of customer information and data.

Station No. 9 – The Station of successfully building a law firm model

Recognizing that the enduring success of a law firm and the creation of effective working conditions depend on establishing a suitable foundational model, ASL Law is dedicated to transparency and collaboration from the beginning. Transparency is upheld with clients, among internal team members, and throughout the growth of both staff and lawyers in the firm. Simultaneously, ASL Law develops collaborative relationships with national and international legal partners.

To become a full-service law firm, ASL Law is aware of the hurdles that come with this goal. As a result, the firm adheres to a strategy that includes measures to promote collaboration with multiple law firms. This strategic collaboration aims to provide customers with outstanding and cost-effective services, therefore enhancing the global reputation of Vietnamese law firms.

Station No. 10 – The Station of Vietnamese Lawyers with Multi-Dimensional Thriving Desires

Building upon a decade of accumulated experience and progress, ASL Law is ready to initiate a multi-faceted leap forward across various areas, including market development, human resources, training, management, growth, finance, and international presence, while facilitating the connection and cooperation between multiple law firms. These collective efforts are united by a single goal: to establish a comprehensive legal center without geographical constraints for businesses. ASL Law promises to stand by businesses wherever they are, creating a global network of legal assistance.   

In the upcoming phase of our journey, ASL LAW will continue its pursuit of delivering top-tier legal services to clients, with the aim of creating even more significant milestones. We sincerely hope that our customers, partners, legal professionals, and the dedicated members of ASL LAW will continue to offer their unwavering support and join us on this journey towards a promising future.

ASL LAW is the top-tier Vietnam law firm for in-depth legal advice in Vietnam and internationally. If you need any advice, please contact us for further information or collaboration.


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