Girlfriend has kidnapped child and dissapeared.

Hello, I am married and living in Vietnam, however, me and my wife have been separate for 5 years and in the mean time I found a new girlfriend who I was I intending in re-marrying (which she knew) and so after one year of dating we had a baby but now she has kidnapped…

Represent in Family settle issues, property settlement issues, access to children of marriage, custody of children, parental rights

Wife has gone crazy after marriage 2 June, conceive long awaited Daughter approx 2 June, return from US on 4 August—Wife totally hated me. Physical abuse from Wife—pictures. Return from US 2 October, Wife continues to attempt physical extraction from shared quarters—added physical abuse—pictures. Stephen C. Floyd OneVerandah Apartments L-0691 799756281

Getting Married to Vietnamese citizen

Hello my name is Branimir and I have been in relationship with Vietnamese girl for past 4 years. We have decided to get married in Zagreb, Croatia (My home country) and we are in need of assistance with documentation needed by my country. Specifically we would require assistance with: – Issuing an birth certificate –…

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