• Lawyer Yeoh Tung Seng is specialised in litigation and dispute resolution.
  • Lawyer Yeoh has extensive experience handling divorce, custody and adoption cases.
  • He is a registered trademark attorney offering his legal expertise in area of law relating to intellectual property. He could support clients by providing comprehensive and thorough advisory services but cost-effective manner.
  • Lawyer Yeoh and his team ensure that they handle each of their client’s file in person focusing on providing professional and legal advice tailored to each of its client’s case with the aim to resolve the situation in the most effective way.
  • Lawyer Yeoh and his team handle litigation matters concerning family disputes from highly contentious matrimonial proceeding involving cross border divorce , custody of children, interfaith conversion & division of matrimonial assets.
  • Lawyer Yeoh and his team has wide-ranging expertise in representing individuals and companies on matters relating contract and commerce such as breach of contract, directors and shareholders disputes, winding up and liquidations.
  • Lawyer Yeoh has an extensive dispute resolution & litigation practice focusing on various civil disputes in terms of construction, land, properties, contractual, trust, probate and commercial disputes.
  • Lawyer Yeoh is also an adjudicator under the Construction Industry Payment And Adjudication Act with Asian International Arbitration Centre and has various experience as and adjudicator in construction disputes.