Restrictions on property transactions in the primary and secondary real estate market for foreign individuals/entities

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are a Hong Kong-based boutique property developer and are interested in exploring investment opportunities in the Vietnamese property market. Despite doing extensive research, we are facing some remaining law-related questions. In detail we would like to get a deeper insight in prevailing specific rights and or restrictions that apply to foreign individuals and foreign entities in terms of property transactions in the primary and secondary market (e.g. Can a foreigner buy leasehold property in the secondary market from other foreign individuals/foreign companies? If a foreigner bought a 50-year leasehold property and sells it after 5 years to another foreigner (if applicable), will the new buyer purchase it with a remaining leasehold period of 45 years or get another 50-year leasehold?).

With your expertise in the Vietnamese property market you seem to be perfectly suited to clarify the discussed matter for us. Please let us know the rates for your services regarding our specific request.

Thank you in advance and best regards,
Sarah Grosinger

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