Negotiating mutual termination to labor contract with paid compensation (from employer) and how to potentially terminate contract

I am having issues with my current employer who is trying to ask me to step down from my position and reassign me to another role (with salary reduction), based on false evidence and statements (of which I have documented and concrete proof/evidence to refute their claims).

They have not followed legal precedent – I have passed my probabtion and have had no prior warnings or comments, be it verbal or written, to indicate that they have been unhappy with my peformance.

I am aware of the legal precedents around this particular case, specifically:

1. Article 31 and 98 of the labor code

2. Decree 05/2015/ND-CP Article 8 Temporary job transfer

I refuse to accept to stand-down from my role and accept a lower position, especially based on false evidence and baseless claims. Furthermore, based on their actions, I would like to discontinue my working relationship with this company. I would like to try push for a negotiated termination to my contract with them plus compensation, although this is where I am seeking for advice and possible representation. I would also like to know how much compensation I could expect to receive as well.

Naturally, I would like to avoid persuing this through the courts as I cannot afford a protracted course of action.

Would this be something that your firm could assist me in and if so, what would be the costs to do so? Please note that I am in Hanoi.

Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards,

Paul Batchelor

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