I would like to consult about financial crime

I order goods from one shop located in Ha noi because I have plan to import her good to sell in the Philippines but I still afraid of scam so I told her that I will oder only 1 first to check the quality and check how it seems to possible to import. She claimed that a buyer will not responsible for tax and she will ship a goods immediatly after I sent money to her. She charged me 40$ for DHL shipping free. Total I sent money to her 430$ she received money right away after that she is not be able to go give me a tracking number and always excuse for many reason.I told her if she’s not be able to send a goods it’s okay just return money to me but she refused to send money back and find another reason to extend the date so I think better to sue her at least she will not do the same thing to other people since her online shop account still active. I looking forward for your lawyer team to contact me back. Thank you!

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