Getting Married to Vietnamese citizen

Hello my name is Branimir and I have been in relationship with Vietnamese girl for past 4 years. We have decided to get married in Zagreb, Croatia (My home country) and we are in need of assistance with documentation needed by my country. Specifically we would require assistance with:
– Issuing an birth certificate
– Issuing an Single status
Croatian government requires an statement that this marriage will be acknowledged in Vietnamese government as well. This document can be appended to Single status documentation or can be separate as well. I am still enquiring with my government and will be hiring a lawyer to give more information on translations.

We are both not located in Vietnam currently and with current travel bans we are unable to get all the documentation ourselves. We are currently living in Bangkok, Thailand You can contact me via Email or via mobile phone +66931202705. I would really apricate any assistance you can offer me.

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