Employers responsabilities while working in Vietnam for an American Company

I signed for an American Company with a local office here in Hanoi back in August 2021 under the assumption that the company would pursue and gain my Working Permit (WP) and TRC to work for the next 18months minimum. To date my work visa has not been received and continuing excuses are given as to why the Company has failed to get tthe required documents/stamps. During their ealy applications to the authorites several temporary tourist./ business 1month visas were received however thay ran out on the 4th of November 2021 so techincally i have been in the country without a valid visa since that date. The company are stating they are still having issues with obtaining the WP stating that according to the imigration department i have now been ‘blacklisted’. From the legal perspective where do i stand and do i have grounds to sue the American company due to their inabilities to gain said documents and keep me ‘legal’ in Vietnam? I am still working with the company however the inabilities to travel either locally or domestically due to the lack of a valid visa is causing severe undue stress and anxiety. Any advise would be gratefully received.

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