Apartment rental contract

Dear Sir, Madam,

I hope this email finds you well and in good health.

I am writing regarding my rental contract. I have been in these accomodations for over three years. When I first signed the rental contract, I was asked to pay one month in advance and one month’s rent as a deposit. I duly paid those and moved in.

Last week, the people acting for the owners informed me that they made some rule changes. These changes mean that they now ask for two month’s rent as deposit. Accordingly, I was asked to pay another month’s rent as deposit.

This begs the question: are they entitled to increase my deposit, although I have been with them for over three years?

To what extent are they allowed to introduce such significant material changes to the contract I signed with them three years ago?

It is also worth mentioning that they increased my rent by 30% just this month, without any notice given. They have also increased the water charges.

I hope you can answer my query as soon as practicably possible.

I await your reply.

Keep well and stay safe.

Kind regards,


Email: hashschool2003@yahoo.fr

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