• Banking Group – MBBANK Group

Officer and Head of Legal Department of the Group

  • Director of Tasco

Group Legal Department

  • Lawyer Vu Khanh Din has 15 years of experience working as a lawyer, a legal officer and in charge of Internal Affairs and Legal Affairs at large enterprises in Vietnam in the areas of Banking, Insurance and Securities; Infrastructure, Real Estate and Private Retail Group are very knowledgeable about internal legal management, corporate governance.
  • Lawyer Vu Khanh Din is expert in legal advice on finance, banking, insurance. Lawyer Din has experience in negotiating large transaction contracts, participating in big projects (Real estate, Energy, transport, procurement of office buildings, distribution of real estate products, large project legal etc.)
  • Lawyer Vu Khanh Din is also a lawyer with extensive experience in representation in settling complaints and denunciations, handling disputes and participating in Procedures at the Court at all levels (case of Commercial Business, Civil, Crime of economics), especially disputes related to Banking and Finance sector, Asset handling, Debt handling / structure;
  • Lawyer Vu Khanh Din is also a well-known speaker, panelist and critic in the VCCI law conferences, comments and laws.