• Lawyer Nguyen Van Binh is a seinor lawyer of ASL LAW. He is famous in Vietnam for participating in the proceedings of the very well-known trial of one former Vietnamese Governor, namely Dinh La Thang case.
  • Lawyer Nguyen Van Binh has experience in participating in the investigation of a verisou criminal case at Nam Ban, Meo Vac, Ha Giang to protect the innocent defendants. Owning to his expert, the defendant was reduced from death to life sentence.
  • Lawyer Nguyen Van Binh is also known for the banking case when he successfully protected the interests of BIDV – Hoang Mai branch to recover 4 billion assets without trial.
  • Lawyer Nguyen Van Binh successfully negotiated to resolve disputes of interests between Lac Viet Hospital (Vinh Yen) with patients’ families, avoiding hospitals having to proceed with proceedings.