• Lawyer Bui Hong Hai is a senior lawyer in ASL LAW with experience in consulting and verifying domestic and foreign investment projects; Consulting contracts / Transactions related to real estate, especially consulting related legal issues to implement real estate investment projects, purchase and sale, merger of enterprises;
  • Lawyer Bui Hong Hai has experience to represent clients in negotiating M&A transactions with domestic and foreign partners;
  • Lawyer Hai owns many years of experience in advising on dispute resolution and litigation at domestic and international jurisdictional agencies.


  • FLC Group

Consulting, verifying in the process of acquiring a number of businesses in the industries, fields such as agricultural materials, chemicals, agriculture, minerals.

Consulting to solve structural, financial, human resource issues after the business acquisition process.

Consulting on real estate projects, building contracts for the preparation of investment, investment and exploitation of real estate projects.

Representing, advising on dispute resolution related to business acquisitions, construction investment activities and business project exploitation.

  • VTC

Consulting to resolve the request to buy back foreign ownership shares (investment funds) after the cooperation process.

Consulting, assisting in the dispute resolution process with partners who is a major shareholder related to the implementation of cooperation contracts, implementing business activities.

Representing, advising and assistance in the process of resolving disputes with foreign cooperation (NTT Singapore Company) related to business activities.

  • Investment Corporation and Hanoi Housing Development Corporation (Handico)

Consulting, drafting agreements related to the transfer and cooperation in construction and exploitation of real estate projects.

Representing, advising in the process of resolving disputes with Partners are enterprises in Lao PDR related to construction activities in Lao PDR.

  • MobiFone

Consulting, assessing legal issues of a contract to transfer a number of real estate projects in accordance with the provisions of law and specific requirements of enterprises.

Consulting to build sample contract sets (14 contracts) to serve investment projects for customers.

  • Formosa Ha Tinh Iron and Steel Company Limited

Consulting in the process of working with partners and competent state agencies to negotiate and solve problems related to investment activities in Vietnam such as building hospitals and stations. gasoline, towing cargo ships, importing goods, waste, environment

  • Ha Minh Anh Production and Development Investment Company Limited

Consulting, verifying and organizing the process of purchasing and selling enterprises operating in the field of spiritual production, electronic accessories operating in the Industrial Zone in Ha Nam province.

Representing, advising in the process of resolving disputes related to liabilities, outstanding obligations of the Company are acquired.